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Travis Ganser

Ganser Company - Travis Ganser - Owner/President

I was raised by loving parents and began working for the family business at the young age of eight. My first job was dad teaching me to clean the offices and toilets on Saturday mornings. Later I moved on to: washing the trucks; keeping the warehouse; installing roofing and siding; selling projects; and finally on to managing and now owning the company. With my dad as my role model, even with the toilet cleaning thing, I now pride myself in following what works and leaving behind what does not – Great analogy eh? I get a rush when solving problems that some people believe cannot be solved. As my dad would always say, "Can't is not a word!!"

I am madly in love with my beautiful wife Holly. We have six wonderful and lively children. In today's society, people ask if we had all six children together. I tell them that I had three kids with Holly, we I had an affair with each other, and had three more children together. Did I mention a sick sense of humor?

Besides having a passion for doing my best and trusting in God with the rest, I enjoy traveling with my kids to historical destinations; exploring culinary adventures in some obscure greasy spoon; collecting "rap-free" music from the early 1930s to today; witnessing to others about what God has done for me--despite my sometimes unloving ways; provoking lukewarm people; enjoying apple pie with my grandma Rita; and pretending that I am "Charles Ingalls" from the "Little House on the Prairie" series with my children.

I love my employees like family and expect the same from them. I also believe that if our employees are whole spiritually, mentally, bodily, and have a "whatever it takes" mentality, then they will be healthy professionals and care deeply for our customers. So far, so good!!

My hope is that the Lord abundantly blesses you and your family as He has blessed me!!

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