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Marc Ganser

Ganser Company - Marc Ganser - Estimator

As an introduction, you are about to meet probably the whitest person you have ever met, close enough to albino, extremely sensitive to the sun, and on a winter day, invisible. My name is Marc Ganser, the other bookmark and senior estimator of the company. I am the youngest of the five Ganser children, and the only Ganser next to the president, my older brother, to work for the family business.

I began in the business when I was 12, cleaning the toilets at the office, and maintaining the lot. I was raised by parents that always believed you earn respect if you hold true to systems and ideals. Being from a predominantly German work ethic background, I do not substitute form for function. I don't believe in the quick sale for short term profit that destroys our long term reputation and viability. If a product or design does not fit the long term needs of my customers, I will not promote it.

Growing up in a family of four boys, one girl, and being the youngest, my customers enjoy the fact that they can freely communicate their needs, praises, or criticisms, without feeling they have hurt my feelings. The greatest aspect of this job is to present something that no other contractor has mentioned, found, or brought up…earning my customers trust. If I had to define my customer base, I will say with certainty that they buy from our company because we solved a problem that no one else indentified, priced it out correctly to solve it, and followed through on our solution. As my dad would say, "We are not expensive; we simply specify the job correctly in order to insure that the existing problems are remedied and in order to prevent the customer from having future costs result from poor inspection, design, and follow-through." After all the years in the business and seeing an unregulated and sloppy industry, I have no doubts this is true.

I am quiet and introverted in my free time. I enjoy reading especially regarding travel, culture, and history. I enjoy working on my home and yard, traveling around the state with my family, eating things that a cardiologist wouldn't recommend, and I consider myself an odd bird that should have been born in the 30's and 40's. My wife is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… I had to go across the pond in order to find a duck that could put up with me. We have a baby girl, Isabella, and a "to be announced" critter coming in February of next year.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet my next Ganser customer and helping them discover what has made this place become one of the oldest, if not most reputable businesses in Madison. "That's All Folks"—Porky Pig.

Marc Ganser

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