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Kelly Hickman

Ganser Company - Kelly Hickman - Estimator

"So, you want to know a little more about me? Well, you asked……

It all started in a small farming community in North Eastern Wisconsin on a cold snowy night – just kidding! Simply I can be described as a dad, a boyfriend, a son, an uncle, and a friend, not just your Ganser Estimator. I have been in the building trades for just about twenty years now including everything from plunging a toilet to custom handmade cabinetry to nailing down a few shingles here and there. I have always enjoyed a good challenge and overcoming it, there is always a solution. Helping all my clients with their challenges no matter how big or small is the most rewarding work I can imagine. To me every client should become a friend by the time we are done.

As much as I love to work and the rewards that come with it, I also enjoy my time off. Between my daughter, my girlfriend, and my motorcycles there is never an empty box on the calendar. It has always been a day dream of mine to ride from Alaska down the coast to the southern tip of South America. A true adventure in both cultures and stamina! Until that day comes though, I will continue to enjoy each and every day helping all of you!"

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